Hey there I’m Renée.  Let me start out by telling you a little about me, don’t worry I’ll keep it brief. =) It’s always been a dream of mine to open my own restaurant. I have come to the realization that is not going to happen. Why you say?  Wife, Mom and Money and well lets face it these things take time which slips away faster and faster everyday.  I’d rather watch my beautiful girl grow up and run around doing everything I need for her.  In saying that, I began to wonder, how can I record all these recipes without making myself crazy and running out of kitchen space? Then it hit me!! While reading one of my favorite culinary blogs I said, “HEY!! I can start a blog of my own!” So this is my attempt. I have lived in the country for about 9 years now, after living in the city for the remainder of my life moving here was quite the culture shock.  We have TWO restaurants that are not a fast food chain yes I said TWO.  Anything beyond that is about a 2hour drive in any direction.  So in my attempts to fulfill the food my family craves I began to call on all my cooking skills and go full fledged.  I cook by emotion so there will be no theme, rhyme or reason. Sometimes I go healthy and sometimes I just throw caution to the wind! I hope you find something you enjoy! Let’s get cooking!!