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This seems to be the rage right now as every where I look someone is making coconut something. I am no exception I made two coconut cakes last week one for a friend and one for my Grandmother. I hear my Dad didn’t care for it pfft to him! lol I made this for my little one as she was craving coconut shrimp.  She settled on chicken and sweet potato fries.

You will need:

  • 2lbs boneless, skinless chicken tenders
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 can light coconut milk
  • 1/2 c all purpose flour
  • 2 cups panko bread crumbs
  • 2 cups shredded coconut
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • Cooking oil for the pan

First thing I do is get all my stations ready. First is the chicken rinsed and ready to go on a plate.  I love tenderloins as there is virtually no prep.  Put a cup of oil in the pan and place on the stove. ( Do not heat yet) I like the new Smart Start oil it has a very nice clean taste and it’s healthy too! *As healthy as you can get frying 🙂 

Next put two eggs in a bowl and in another bowl add your salt.Wisk your eggs and add the coconut milk, and vanilla to your egg mixture. The vanilla is my secret ingredient.In the other bowl add your flour to the salt and these two stations are set. One more to go!Now for the last station, the coconut and panko bowl.  Add the coconut and crumbs in one bowl. This will be the last dip your chicken sees. If you want to avoid pain later just dump the bag of coconut and whole container of panko crumbs now because I always find I need more so go ahead and pour that little bit remaining in.  Trust me lol then you wont say, “That country girl doesn’t know how to measure!” , I do know how, but in truth 1) I’m not from the country and 2) I don’t like to measure I’m and “eye it girl” but I do my very best for YOU =)  Ok moving on.

So we are all set and can begin heating our oil. Medium high is good. While the oil is getting nice and hot lets start dipping our strips in our bowls.  Dip each strip in your dry flour mix then into the coconut milk mixture then right into the coconut and panko. Set aside and check oil.

I like to throw in a piece of coconut to see how hot we are after about 3 minutes. If it sizzles we are ready to go if it sinks it is not hot enough.  You can do a few pieces of chicken and get them ready to go. Then you can place them into the hot pan and work on the next batch.  (*This is when I put my sweet potatoes fries (your favorite will do) on a baking sheet and baked them at 400 in the oven so it’s already to go at once.) They compliment each other really well.I flip about 7minutes after but please DO check the bottoms as it really depends on how hot your stove top cooks. When you see that nice rich brown color on the bottom it is time to flip! Some coconut will fall off, please do not worry, this is normal.

After about another 5 to 7 minutes on the second side taken each out and simply lay them on a few paper towels and toss a bit of salt on them while they are hot. This will drain all the excess grease off of them.

Don’t they look yummy!!  This is where I have to start fighting the masses off and out of the kitchen.  So now as my next batch starts frying I am thinking about sauces. As you see I included some LA Choy sweet and sour sauce in my picture of what you will need. I like this, but I also like a little twist to it. I like to add some raspberry preserves/jam. About 1 good tsp. You can use whatever you like. I also like a vanilla yogurt with some crushed pineapple and a splash of vanilla in it. (Red Lobster serves a variation of this with coconut shrimp. It is so good!)

Hubby like this one:Very simply: Any mustard or mustard’s you have (Don’t be afraid to mix it up) and some honey.  For this I used some Grey Poupon and regular old Yellow mustard and about 1 TBS of honey and wisked.  You are ready to dip! These are great for a light simple dinner. Throw some salad greens next this and you have a meal or make as an appetizer at your next party!! Hope you like it and don’t forget the vanilla, you won’t be sorry.