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pskins4Really I am not even sure I should be posting this as it is so easy but I made them last night and my friend across the state begged me for the post. So please sit back and enjoy this limited recipe post. Yes I finally got white plates!!

pskins1You will need these simple ingredients: This will make 12 skins increase as needed.

  • 6 potatoes which will make 12 skins.
  • 1 bag ( 2 cups)  of shredded cheddar cheese I use mild.
  • 1 bag of REAL bacon pieces honestly if your doing to use bacos don’t bother. hehe
  • 1 green onion chopped
  • Salt and pepper a sprinkling on each.
  • small dabs on each so use spreadable butter.
  • Optional**  Sour Cream for garnish and dipping.

Boil whole cleaned potatoes in a large pot of water for about 30min at a rolling boil. You want them to be fork tender but not mushy. Take the potatoes out and let them cool.

When cooled take each one and slice in half and scoop put the center with a small spoon. Leaving the base in tact with some potato.

pskins2Add a small pat of butter and place in oven on ow broil until browned slightly and butter has melted. Now we can fill…very very easy.  Layer cheese, bits of bacon and a few scallion on each.

pskins3Make each as even as possible, and slide into a 350 degree oven. Bake for about 10min until cheese has melted.

pskins4Serve on your favorite plate with a dallop of sour cream and you ready to eat!!! Enjoy!