My brother, his wife and three lovely daughters live in Cincinnati.  I am going to visit them Friday for an entire week. Let me just say this is always an event! My sister in- law is not only my best friend but a Wedding Planner and owns her own business called After 5 Events. She is hands down one of the best event planners for vacations, time off , taking us to the new restaurants you name it, this chicka can do it and we love every minute of it.

kj1Yes that is her. Needless to say, I need an entourage just to keep up. This week I anxiously awaited my itinerary (What? you don’t get these when visiting family?)  and I was not disappointed!!  Not only am I visiting Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace, but we are also hitting some other insanely good eats that are all the Buzz. YES Buz is included in that mix!  Buz is the one everyone is raving about right now. It is eclectic casual dining and I can not wait!. We are also looking forward to The Senate. So many insanely good choices there, I do know one thing, those poutine fries are on my list!

hotdogLet’s just say they take hot dogs to new heights. I can feel ideas coming as I type.

These culinary experiences are just the beginnings of a great trip. I can’t wait to share it all with you as I go.