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Oh yes, that is a hot dog, but not just any old hot dog. this is the “Taylor Swift”. The Senate channels fine dining into crafting amazing with tricked-out hot dogs and upscale comfort food. This is what they advertise but personally I think they don’t do themselves justice. This hot dog consisted of an all beef frank, bacon, chorizo, black beans, queso, jalapeño beer cheese and a fried avocado and fresh cilantro on top.
Yes this is the “Taylor Swift” and it sang to my taste buds… hehe, cheesy huh?  But this lunch did not disappoint! The service was almost a good as the food. The location was right smack in the middle of downtown Cincinnati in a beautiful old building and within 15 minutes of sitting, every seat in the place was filled.

senate1One other hot dog I must talk about is this beauty. It is the “Croque Madame “,  a beef hotdog, bechamel sauce, black forest ham, brioche bun and a poached egg. Oh my, this was amazing! In fact, I had to grab the picture quick before it was all gone! What I could not figure out while I was eating these masterpieces is why didn’t I do this at home before?

senate5Now while I brag about these dogs and the staff and watch my niece catch up on her social media…..

senate6I must mention what my daughter devoured, as they don’t just have dogs here but comfort food that is to die for as well. She had the lobster macaroni and cheese. We also got the poutinne fries, the duck fat fries and the best crispy potstickers I have ever had. Housemade pork-ginger potstickers, sweet chili, miso cream cheese & sesame seeds. I know what you are saying. Where are the pictures? Well um …we ate them. I’m sorry! But you have no idea what I was dealing with. But I did get a picture of the fries! Only because we re-ordered!

senate4Duck fat fries accented with kosher salt and rosemary. YUM! And below my lovely daughter is quite into her lobster mac and cheese, she did not even look up.


So if my vote counted and if I was a critic I would have to give a huge thumbs up on this lunch! On every scale it was a winner. I mean c’mon! How can you pass up a fried avocado?  Thanks again, KJ. You picked another winner and tomorrow night it’s all about the Buzz.