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We tried a version of this burger in Hilton Head it was so good my husband insisted we go back again the second night. Since then I have been ordered to make this at home. Every now and again I give in so I figured what the heck 🙂 Makes 4 nice size burgers.

You will need:

  • ground pork
  • ground beef 80%
  • 3 bacon strips per burger
  • Blue cheese crumbles or you can slice it.
  • 2 for each Sliced sweet pickles/ or dill relish works great
  • sweet red onion or Vidalia, choose your favorite
  • Lettuce
  • Mayo
  • your favorite smokey bar-b-que sauce  ( I would not go honey on this)
  • salt and pepper
  • Soft hamburger roll or onion roll

In a bowl, mix the pork and ground beef and add your favorite seasonings. Here is what I used: 

By all means though, use your favorite seasoning. Just don’t make this one too over-powering. I literally used 1 Tablespoon of all combined.  then my secret ingredient for the juiciest burger ever:

NOOOO it’s not an egg!

Noooo its not a pat of butter in the middle!

NOOOO I don’t know magic! (OK, I do, but I don’t like to show my wand.)

It’s mayo. NOT salad dressing, so put that Miracle Whip away please, I beg of you! we are not making salads here people. We need real Mayo.

See the steps below:  Sprinkle in spices, add 1 heaping Tablespoon of Mayo. Mix thoroughly and pat into patties. In the center of each patty make a ditch almost with your thumbs this will keep the burgers from getting plump and fat.Place into pan on stove top on medium.  While they are cooking lets get our condiments and our buns ready!  Now I was lazy tonight so I grabbed any old bun and I didn’t even toast them! I know the horror of it all but I didn’t but I did dress them!  First, let’s get that bacon, you can cook your own or buy the pre-made and microwave them a little to get them hot and crispy, I like to add three pieces per burger.  Top with sliced onion, 2 nice hunks of blue cheese, a few slices of sweet pickles or a tsp of dill relish and a slathering of bar-b-que sauce, lettuce and tomato if you wish.  Set that aside and get those buns dressed (lol, ok that sounded funny but let’s just do it) (still snickering).  HEY!! Flip those burgers.

Ok, back to the buns.  On one side, put a little bit of mayo and on the other a swirl of bar-b-que sauce. Now let’s pile on some more condiments…lettuce, relish (or sweet pickles) and to be truthful, sometimes I use banana peppers. They are wonderful too!! 

Now get some cheese and onion on those burgers!! Place blue cheese on the burgers with some of the slices of onion and place into broiler on low (use an oven safe pan for this or slide onto tin foil.

When the cheese is all melted and bubbly, it’s time to slide them onto our buns!

Close them up and you are ready to go!!! By the way if you don’t like Blue Cheese, use Cheddar. It’s just as yummy!! Yes I served them with chips, but you know what I think hubby liked it just fine.